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Singapore 2018-20

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Personal Information

1. How did you find out about these flamenco guitar lessons?
2. What is the reason for wanting to enrol flamenco guitar lessons?
3. Have you played flamenco guitar before?
4. Have you done other forms of Flamenco Art before?

5. What level do you think you are as a musician?

6. At what level do you think you should start?
7. How do you grab the guitar?
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Terms & Conditions


Dear Students,


Greeting and good wishes from Flamenco Guitar by Alberto Marin. As we starts another academic year 2020, let us thank you for been part of this flamenco guitar community. We wish to apprise you all about a few aspects for the new academic session 2020.


Alberto Marín






-The course will be from September to July. The new students are welcome anytime during the period. August will happen master classes and workshops.

-All students will share a common song that will be performed live throughout the course and on different occasions. Students will perform "solo", "duet" and "trio" depending the level. 

-Lessons attendance will be done individually without the presence of third parties. (friends, family, etc.)

-Lessons can be group or individual as stipulated by the teacher.

-Under the supervision of the teacher, at the end of the class a summary of what was learned, will be recorded in video or audio.

-Teacher will use a traditional teaching methodology (face to face) and his own notation through symbols and (TAB)

-Level of the students will be assessed only by the teacher. (Beginner, Intermediate or Advance)

-It is compulsory for students to bring lessons book, capo and guitar everyday.

-Lessons will be in English

-Lessons will be recovered only when the teacher modifies or cancels the lesson.

-In case the student cannot attend a class, teacher will offer recovery options. If the student cannot adapt their calendar to the teacher one, in any way this class will be charged within the monthly payment.

-One month in advance the student can notify the teacher of the cancellation of a class.

-There will be a minimum of 2 lessons per month that the student will have to attend.




-The duration of the class is 60 min and will begin at the time agreed with the teacher. In the event that the student is late, the class will end at the end of 60 min.




-Payments will be made on the 1st of each month.

-Payment methods are: PayNow, Paylah, Paypal and cash.

-The payment will be the total number of classes that the student performs in a month.

-In the case of students who pay in cash, the payment will be made the first class of the month.




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